Gratitude for the People Behind the Transition to Workday

It’s hard to believe that, after years of planning and work, we are getting ready to go live with Workday as part of our MyDay initiative. This is one of the most complex projects the university has undertaken, investing in our future by replacing our HR and finance systems with a modern, integrated system in the cloud.  

There are several key changes coming with this transition that will impact the university as a whole, including more transparency, a new chart of accounts and greater self-service. These are all good changes that lay the foundation to fulfill the project’s mission to advance WashU and its community through operational excellence and insight-driven decision making. 

This incredible accomplishment could not have been reached without our colleagues on this project who stepped up and committed countless hours over the course of multiple years to achieve this implementation. Many of them left their day-to-day jobs in their departments and many others joined the university specifically for this project––all with the goal of providing their subject matter expertise in building a system that met the organization’s business needs and carried us into the future.  

We are grateful to the MyDay project team and all of our partners across the university, among them HR Operations, Shared Services, Central Finance, IT, Testing Partners, Payroll team, WashU Workday trainers, WashU’s Workday Change Liaisons. They and so many others have also worked hard to ensure the new HR and Finance system comes to life in July. The behind the scenes work has been a very heavy lift for so many. This is a testament to the talented, dedicated and hard-working staff who keep this institution moving forward every day.   

During this time, we must all remember to have patience with each other. We are going through a considerable change, and we’re all learning together. Think of how we can support our colleagues and carry out our missions of research, teaching and patient care with a spirit of grace, understanding and camaraderie. We are #WashUTogether, rising up for the greater good and we must remember that as we move forward with strength and unity. Thank you to the MyDay team, partners and everyone involved in lifting up this new system, and to the people in the WashU community – thank you for your support and ability to adapt.

Amy B. Kweskin 
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Chief Financial Officer  

Legail Chandler
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources 

Richard Stanton
Associate Vice Chancellor of Administration & Finance