The Management and Leadership Development Certificate Program (MLDCP) provides new and existing managers and supervisors with a rich learning experience to gain the skills necessary to effectively lead and get results at Washington University.

Management and leadership development is a process not just a program. Continuous enhancement of the leadership development systems and learning initiatives is a necessary part of supporting leaders in their role. Leaders require both management and leadership skills.

The program is a series of instructor-led courses. The program includes three clear development paths to promote continuous learning and enhancement.  The first path provides newly hired or promoted managers and supervisors with fundamental skills needed to start their leadership journey at the university successfully. The two additional paths are for existing more experienced managers and supervisors to gain advanced skills and knowledge to deepen their leadership impact within the university.

Three (3) Development Paths

The goals of the certificate programs are to:

  • Establish greater self-awareness about their leadership style, attitudes, skills, and behavioral impact on others
  • Gain essential and practical management tools and techniques
  • Lead by example by modeling leadership excellence
  • Enhance key skills in managing and leading others
  • Build strong relationships with teams
  • Share best practices with colleagues

To Enroll

  1. Have a conversation with your manager about your interest in the appropriate path. We encourage you and your manager to focus on how your participation in the program will benefit you, your team and your workplace environment.
  2. Submit the appropriate Application Form.
  3. Your manager indicates his/her support for your participation in the program by completing and signing the manager’s section of the Application Form. 
  4. Email the completed form to Shirley Ikemeier at
  5. Enroll in classes within your selected path.

Manager Tips

Managers of program participants play a critical role in the successful transfer of skills to the workplace.

  • Support: Be a partner and ally in the learner’s development success. 
  • Time: Work together to plan time for learner to participate in the program. 
  • Accountability: Hold the learner accountable for consciously applying the strategies and tools learned. 
  • Encouragement: Help learner overcome barriers and challenges which may hinder their development success.
  • Tools: Use performance management tools and processes, along with weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings, to review and document the learner’s leadership development progress.
  • On-the-Job learning opportunity: Create on-the-job learning opportunities so the employee can apply the skills they have learned.

Additional Management Training

Through a partnership with the Institute for Management Studies, Washington University offers a line of training to enhance your knowledge in leadership areas. The IMS faculty are comprised of 80 to 90 leading-edge thinkers from universities and consulting firms around the world. Interact with and learn from some of the world’s leading management thinkers on an ongoing basis.