COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Manager Memo #3

This memo outlines important information regarding COVID-19 vaccination policy compliance. Each Friday, Occupational Health sends your area the most recent list of people who have not yet provided proof of vaccination against COVID-19. As of August 4, 2021, more than 1,100 faculty, staff and trainees have not recorded proof of vaccination in ReadySet.Both Occupational Health and HR are communicating with the people on this list weekly. We also need support from area leadership to encourage action amongst your employees. Please share names with the appropriate managers on your team along with these talking points regarding COVID-19 vaccination policy compliance discussions.Key points to know:

  • Per the COVID-19 vaccination policy, decisions to not comply with this condition of employment will be viewed as a discharge if departure due to non-compliance occurs after Aug. 30.
  • Occupational Health does not have COVID-19 vaccination documentation from BJC or any other provider. This is a common misconception amongst employees who received a vaccine at a BJC provider.
  • Employees receive regular pay for time taken to get the vaccine during a regularly scheduled workday. Employees need to request time and notify managers of any time needed. A revised pay policy will go into effect Sept. 1 related to COVID-19. View the policy details here.
  • Remind employees that respectful conduct is expected in the workplace, whether this involves conduct with a supervisor, colleagues or the HR and Occupational Health offices. View the abusive conduct policy for details. For additional support, view the mental health hub. If you or someone on your team feels unsafe, call WUPD at 935-5555 or Protective Services on the Medical Campus at 362-4357.
  • Refer to the COVID-19 vaccination policy or COVID-19 FAQ page for details. Occupational Health hosts onsite vaccine events – email to schedule an appointment.

We will continue to update you regarding the names of those who remain undocumented in ReadySet. Depending on the status of the list for your area, you may need to begin to plan for how you will cover vacant positions. If you have questions or would like to request assistance in talking to employees, please contact your employee relations consultant assigned to your area.

Please help ensure that people in your area who have not yet provided documentation of vaccination do so by August 30. Vaccination protects our employees and the community, and also helps ensure continuity of operation in your areas. Contact HR or Occupational Health if you have questions.

Thank you,Legail Chandler
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Washington University in St. Louis