Manager Memos & Tips

Compensation Training for Managers

In March, Human Resources hosted a training for managers on staff compensation. This training is available in Learn@Work.

In addition to the training, view the Staff Compensation Q&A for Managers that outlines:

  • Questions managers may receive from employees after reviewing their information in Workday
  • Questions managers may have due to the transition to Workday
  • Questions managers may have regarding WashU compensation policies/practices.

The training and Q&A provide important information on staff employee compensation and outline key elements related to data transparency, including what the employees will be able to access in Workday about their own pay, and what managers can access for their employees, as well. 

View the compensation training in Learn@Work. Please contact WUIT at 314-933-3333 or with any technical questions related to Learn@Work.

Note: If you have new managers in your area, you can assign this course along with the manager orientation module to ensure new leaders learn about WashU policies, procedures and practices, as well as build their skills and knowledge for successful growth and development.