Where can I go to explore new opportunities (positions, internships, etc.) or further develop my career skills?

WashU has multiple options in place for exploring new opportunities and making sure you can grow and develop within your career pathway.

If you are a current student or alumni of WashU, please feel free to get in contact with any of our school career services:

If you are seeking personal career development, please explore HR Develop & Learn. Resources available include but are not limited to:

  • Resume writing
  • Improving interview skills
  • Insightful articles on choosing your career pathway
  • Consultation services
How do I begin the transfer process/apply for a position?

Before you begin, go to your Worker Profile in Workday and ensure that your Education, Certifications, Job History, Professional Affiliations, Languages and Skills are updated. Once updated, this information will automatically populate into your internal applications without further data entry required from you. Please refer to the Manage Work Experience and Professional Profile and Apply to Internal Job Posting tutorials.

  • Access your Workday Home page and click on the Careers Application. Then click on RPT6342 – WU- Find Jobs under view.
  • Click on job requisition of interest, read the job description and required qualifications.
  • Click the Apply button. Neither a resume nor performance evaluation are required to apply for jobs internally. While it is very helpful to add a resume, the updates made to your job history, education, and skills will serve as the internal application for managers to review. Likewise, a performance evaluation may be asked for if an employee progresses to a final interview or offer stage.
  • Answer any additional questions at the bottom of the application. Click submit. 
  • Continue to monitor job opportunities on the employment website for suitable positions of interest.

We are glad to assist you in your search. For general assistance in the transfer process or for further information view the  University’s transfer policy.

I have just found out I am being displaced, what do I do next?

Upon learning of displacement, please contact your Business Office immediately; they can often provide you with additional information in regards to other possible department openings or direct you to someone within Human Resources.

If you need assistance with creating or updating your resume, or if you need guidance with exploring a new career, please contact Monica Black Robinson, Career Development Specialist in the Department of Human Resources at 314-362-4986 or mbr@wustl.edu.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your job search within your current field, please contact a recruiter that works in the appropriate job family for your interests and experience.

How do I know whether I am eligible for transfer?

View the university’s transfer eligibility criteria.

You may also check your eligibility to transfer on the Career Application from your homepage in Workday. Click on the “RPT0919 – WU – My Transfer Eligibility Report” and a report will open displaying your transfer eligibility status.

If you apply for a transfer by submitting an application for a specific position, you will receive an email from the Human Resources Department, stating whether or not you are eligible (after the automated check mentioned above). In the situation you are not eligible for transfer, you will receive the statement below:

  • “Unfortunately, this message is to inform you that you DO NOT currently meet at least one of the following transfer eligibility criteria:

    – Employed in your current position/title for at least nine months.

    – Maintain an acceptable level of performance including, but not limited to, absence of formal corrective action in the last 9 months.

    As a result, your transfer application has NOT been submitted to the hiring manager for consideration. You will not be able to submit additional applications until you become eligible for transfer.

If you feel that there has been an error, there is any additional information that should be considered, or you have questions regarding your transfer eligibility, please contact HR Employee Relations, employeerelations@wustl.edu, and someone from the team will follow up with you.

What do I do if I do not have a copy of my current performance evaluation?

Do not delay in applying to open jobs you are interested in pursuing. Complete and submit your applications. 

A performance appraisal or two letters of reference can be uploaded at the time you are submitting your application. However, if you do not have these documents readily available, you may bypass this step.  You may be asked to provide a performance evaluation or letters of reference if you progress to interview or reference check stages.

  • Please note:  you are not able to upload additional documents to your job application for a specific position once you have submitted your application.

To retrieve you most recent evaluation, please contact your manager or your department’s business office.

If you do not feel you are able to obtain a performance evaluation in order to retain confidentiality during your job search, please notify HR Recruitment.

What sort of pay grade change can I expect with the transfer position I am pursuing?

Hiring managers are expected to discuss and confirm the employee’s current salary grade and rate of pay with both the employee and the Office of Human Resources prior to extending an offer.

Hiring managers may grant a salary increase, within University guidelines, for a promotion (a move to a job in a higher salary grade). In general, no salary increase is provided for a lateral transfer (a move to a job in the same grade). When an employee transfers to a job in a lower salary grade, the manager should consult with the Office of Human Resources.

Please be aware that in an effort to help ensure equity within salary grade levels across the university, an increase in salary is not warranted for lateral transfers (positions assigned to the same salary grade), nor when the new position is a lower salary grade. When an employee transfers to a job of lower salary grade, his/her salary may be subject to adjustment accordingly.

How can I keep my job search confidential?

It is common for individuals in a current position to want to keep their job search confidential until the final interviewing stages of the recruitment process. While it is not possible to eliminate all risk of maintaining absolute confidentiality, HR Recruitment makes every effort to help ensure this, and there are multiple steps that can be taken to help maintain confidentiality in your job search.

First, know that when you apply for a particular position, in addition to HR Recruitment, only the hiring manager and those individuals associated with that position see that you have applied to that specific position. If you have applied to multiple positions within a department, those involved in the recruitment activities will be able to see that you have applied to multiple positions within their department.

It can be helpful to include statements like, “please keep my search confidential for now or until a later stage in the process” in conspicuous places in your application materials (cover letter, application questions regarding current position and supervisor, reference list, etc.).

Please know that for current employees seeking a transfer, reference information for current and previous WashU supervisors will need to be given at least by the offer stage. If you have any concerns, contact HR Recruitment.

I am interested in/am applying for an academic/faculty position, how can I check on the status of my application or get in touch with the appropriate person?

Academic, faculty, teaching, postdoc, etc. positions are managed entirely by the designated school within the university. Our recruitment team does not have established communication into the status of their hiring process. If you are interested in any faculty/academic positions at Washington University in St. Louis, we encourage you to contact the Dean’s office of the school in which you are interested. While you may see some faculty positions posted at jobs.wustl.edu, not all schools post faculty positions to this site.

  • You may refer to the relevant school’s individual web page accessible through the main university website, located at Wustl.edu.
  • Prospective Washington University School of Medicine faculty may find postings at Facultyopportunities.wustl.edu.
  • Prospective postdoctorals can find more information at Postdoc.wustl.edu.

If you have submitted an application or have had previous contact about a position, please follow up with your previous point of contact.

Can I refer someone to WashU and/or for a specific position?

We appreciate that you would like to continue to expand WashU’s skilled and qualified staff and that you have encouraged your acquaintance to join Washington University in St. Louis. There are a few ways you can vouch for your acquaintance’s skills and experiences.

To do this, go to the Career application. Click on Refer a Candidate. 

  • Provide the referral’s name and contact information. A telephone number or email address is required.  You may also provide a resume.
  • You can refer them for a specific job requisition or to a job family in the Job and Job Area fields.
  • Include Relationship information and comments.
  • Click Submit.

You can also submit a referral by going to the Career application and then clicking Find Jobs. Find the job requisitions for which your referral would be suitable. 

  • Click the Refer button straight from the job posting.
  • Provide the referral’s name and contact information. A telephone number or email address is required.  You may also provide a resume.
  • Include Relationship information and comments.
  • Click Submit.
I have a sensitive or confidential matter to discuss about my current position; whom should I contact?

If the nature of your question includes sensitive or confidential subject matter, we encourage you to contact our Employee Relations team at employeerelations@wustl.edu.

If your question was not addressed or you need additional assistance, please contact the Recruitment Team at CandidateQuestions@wustl.edu.