Mental Health Awareness for Leaders (EAP)

March 5, 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This is part of WashU’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) series of webinars.

These 60-minute Work-Life Solutions virtual webinars provide insight into key topics that promote employee well-being. Through interactive sessions facilitated by subject matter experts, participants will gain actionable strategies to support a positive and productive workplace culture. Post-session resources reinforce the learnings and foster continued growth.

Employees can explore the full range of services offered by Work-Life Solutions, our comprehensive employee assistance program.

Managing individuals who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns can be a difficult balancing act. Your role is to manage performance and bring out the best in your workforce, but accomplishing this often requires you to express concerns and support when employees struggle emotionally. Managers often feel uncomfortable in this aspect of their role and may lack the important skills of “emotional management.” This course covers ways employees may present their distress and offers insights and strategies on forging empathic alliances within the role of a manager.


  • Understand the universality of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Recognize the most common symptoms of mental illness
  • Identify the most common unhelpful reactions to symptoms, why they occur and how to avoid them
  • Identify ways of expressing compassion and developing an alliance with distressed employees
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and promote ways of supporting one another in the workplace
  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide
  • Identify support services and resources for all leaders and employees

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