Leadership Connect and Chat

October 26, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Virtual Session
Dates OfferedTimeLocationTarget Audience
August 31, 202210 – 11 a.m.Virtual Classroom via ZoomWashU Managers
(with at least one staff direct report)
September 28, 202210 – 11 a.m.Virtual Classroom via ZoomWashU Managers
(with at least one staff direct report)
October 26, 202210 – 11 a.m.Virtual Classroom via ZoomWashU Managers
(with at least one staff direct report)

Join HR Learning & Development (L&D) for “Leadership Connect and Chats”, a series for managers and leaders, every 4th Wednesday of the month from 10 – 11 a.m.

This informal peer-to-peer learning opportunity creates an intentional space for WashU managers and leaders to share and discuss insights and best practices around leadership topics while building their peer networks.

Each one-hour “chat” offers social learning opportunities and crucial conversations to gain insight into strategies that managers across the university are using to address common topics and challenges; share best practices and strategies you’ve learned or developed; build your network and community by interacting; and spark motivation and inspiration through sharing the joys of being a leader.

Eligibility: Any employee in a managerial, supervisory or leadership role with at least one staff direct report are invited to participate in these sessions.

The sessions will not be recorded nor shared. Connect and Chats are a safe space for:

  1. Sharing practical strategies and best practices
  2. Building connections and mentoring relationships with peers in leadership roles
  3. Easing the transition for new managers into their roles
  4. Increasing collaboration and coaching across teams on common and difficult challenges that managers and leaders face
  5. Engaging in social conversations about topics outside of work
  6. Informal peer-to-peer learning that is heavily discussion-based. Sessions will involve breakout rooms and opportunities to share and network with peers

Connect and Chats are not a space for:

1.      Training on specific topics or policies

2.      Talking through or venting about a specific challenge you are facing on your team

3.      Asking specific HR questions

For these areas, please contact the HR Employee Relations team (employeerelations@wustl.edu)

Topics you can expect to discuss during these sessions include:

  1. Challenges of leading hybrid and remote teams
  2. Crucial conversations: how to have them, what works, what doesn’t
  3. Work and life balance as a leader
  4. Professional development as both a leader and for direct reports
  5. Relationship and trust building
  6. Empathic and Inclusive Leadership
  7. Other topics proposed during the sessions

Carla D. Bailey
Sr. Manager of HR Learning & Development

An important note: Our goal in Learning and Development is to create the same level of rich engagement in our virtual classroom as we do in our in-person classes. Therefore, the day of the session:

  • Ensure you’re in an environment that will allow you to participate fully! This will be an interactive session and your contribution is important.
  • Turn off your email and phone notifications to avoid distractions.
  • Be camera ready! Participants are expected to have their cameras on during the entire session.
  • Have a pen and paper ready.
  • Log in early to the session through the Zoom link.

Once registered in Learn@Work, you will receive a Zoom invitation for the date/time selected; instructions will be included in the invitation.

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