Giving Effective Feedback in Personal & Work Situations (EAP)

October 1, 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This is part of WashU’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) series of webinars.

These 60-minute Work-Life Solutions virtual webinars provide insight into key topics that promote employee well-being. Through interactive sessions facilitated by subject matter experts, participants will gain actionable strategies to support a positive and productive workplace culture. Post-session resources reinforce the learnings and foster continued growth.

Employees can explore the full range of services offered by Work-Life Solutions, our comprehensive employee assistance program.

Giving effective feedback is difficult. Most people avoid opportunities to give constructive feedback and give infrequent and often unhelpful positive feedback. This session addresses strategies on how to deliver effective feedback at work or home. The training will offer multiple examples and provide participants with ample practice to learn how to give feedback that helps individuals improve performance. 


  • Identify when it’s best to give positive feedback vs. when to give critical feedback
  • Identify when it’s best to praise effort vs. talent
  • Discuss uses of “positive intent” when giving critical feedback
  • Employ image-centered compliments
  • Use judgment-free language to reduce defensiveness and creative freeze
  • Identify and practice simple strategies to initiate feedback delivery

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