Human Resources

Learning & Development

Training Philosophy

The University supports and is committed to providing training and educational development opportunities for staff. These opportunities are provided to maintain and enhance abilities, skills, and knowledge. This will help them perform their jobs, advance their career development, prepare for new assignments, and adapt to our dynamic academic challenges to support the University's mission.

The University empowers individuals to take responsibility to self-direct and manage their career and professional development. This is best achieved through discussions with their managers regarding their current performance, future performance competencies, new responsibilities, or departmental, and University change initiatives.

Washington University's Human Resources Learning & Development office provides both general and customized training for individuals and departments. The emphasis is on gaining knowledge and skills for which there are immediate, practical, on-the-job applications today and tomorrow.

Training Facts

  • Thousands of employees participate in a variety of University sponsored training programs
  • Employees from both campuses participate providing a diversity of insights, ideas and energy
  • Many programs are either at no cost or minimal costs
  • The evaluations of the quality of our programs are consistently 4.5 on a 5.0 scale (average of all programs by participants)

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