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Workday Learning Now Live

WashU is excited to expand the portfolio of features in Workday, the university’s HR and finance system, to further promote employee learning and professional development opportunities. WashU’s Human Resources team is exploring the functionality in Workday Learning, an on-demand learning management system integrated in Workday, through a series of pilots. A limited selection of introductory Workday courses is now available in Workday Learning. Effective Oct. 13, 2023, new hires and contractors who join WashU are assigned a learning program in Workday that will familiarize them with basic Workday functionality and introduce them to accessing Learn@Work. The required portions of this learning program should take no more than 40 minutes to complete.

Managers should encourage new hires to complete these learning modules as time allows. Managers can find an overview of the pilot and help and support documents for the Workday Learning functionality through Workday@WashU.

New hires will receive an email on their first day with information about this learning program and a link to access the training. They will also see a link to the training on their Workday home page. Additional help, including step-by-step tutorials and video demonstrations, for new hires is available through Workday@WashU.

Note: Learn@Work, WashU’s primary learning management system, is still in use and will continue to be used for professional growth and training while we evaluate a full transition to Workday Learning. New hires will continue to be assigned additional required training courses in Learn@Work. As a reminder, new staff* are required to attend an in-person on-site orientation unless they live more than 50 miles from WashU’s official address (1 Brookings Dr., St. Louis, MO). 

*This requirement does not apply to non-staff worker types such as non-employees, student workers, faculty, postdocs, or clinical fellows.