New Caregiver Leave

To Washington University Staff:

At Washington University, we recognize that our employees need a comprehensive paid leave package that covers the variety of reasons people need time away from work. In Fall 2016, the University expanded the use of staff sick time to include wellness visits and caring for close family members with medical need. Now, we are pleased to announce further enhancements to the University’s paid time-off policy for staff.

Effective January 1, 2019, we will offer Caregiver/Parental Leave to eligible staff. This new leave program includes up to four weeks of paid leave in a rolling 12-month period at 100 percent of base pay for full-time staff employees following one year of service. Caregiver/Parental Leave can be used to care for family members and bond with children after birth, placement via adoption, surrogacy or foster placement, as defined by FMLA. To ensure that departments at the Medical Campus can meet their operational needs, the details of Caregiver/Parental Leave differ slightly for staff at the School of Medicine.

In July 2019, we will introduce more enhancements and changes to the University’s paid time-off policy for staff. This will include the introduction of a short-term medical disability plan and the addition of two new holidays (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, or two floating holidays when necessary due to department operations). The combination of short-term medical disability and Caregiver/Parental Leave means that birth mothers may request up to 10-12 weeks of leave and other new parents may request up to 4 weeks of leave—all at 100 percent of base pay. More details about these and the other July 1, 2019 policy changes will be announced in Spring 2019.

We understand that there will be many questions about these policy changes. For now, employees can review a Q&A resource regarding Caregiver/Parental Leave on the HR website. Training for managers and departmental payroll users will be offered in October, November and December to ensure departments can support staff who qualify for and take Caregiver/Parental Leave. Finally, please send any questions and feedback about these leave policy changes to

In addition to the University’s other benefits, it is our hope that these changes help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure that they can thrive in their personal and professional lives.


Henry S. Webber
Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Administrative Officer

Legail Poole Chandler
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

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