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Manager Memo: 2023 Flu Vaccine Information

This memo outlines important information regarding the influenza (flu) vaccination policy and employee compliance. The deadline to receive the vaccine and upload proof in ReadySet is 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 27, 2023. Per university policy, all WashU faculty, staff and trainees in a hybrid or on-site position at a School of Medicine location must receive this year’s influenza vaccine. Action is required for those employees in your area who have not received the vaccine and/or uploaded proof into ReadySet.

Key points and action steps:
Compliance efforts leading up to the Nov. 27 deadline:

  • Both Occupational Health and HR are communicating with the people on the list who have not provided proof of vaccination.
  • Employees need to upload proof by Monday, Nov. 27 at 5 p.m. to avoid suspension.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 12 p.m. noon, any employee who did not meet the policy deadline will be suspended without pay. Business managers/supervisors should notify employees in the morning and HR will send a formal suspension notice at 12 p.m.
  • Business managers will also receive a final list of non-compliant employees on Tuesday, Nov. 28. Any employee who is formally suspended should be notified by their manager/business manager and will be sent home.
  • Think about how your area would function without the employees who are considered non-compliant and speak with them. Please encourage action amongst your employees – share the names of employees on your list with the appropriate managers regarding the influenza vaccination policy in order to ensure compliance within your area.
  • Managers have access to view the compliance status of their direct reports in ReadySet at any time. We encourage you to check your area for any remaining non-compliant employees to ensure they receive and upload vaccine proof by Nov. 27.
  • Review your lists of non-compliant employees for those who are fully remote and update the employee status in Workday to reflect this status. If an employee comes on-site at a later date, a manager must ensure the employee receives a flu shot.
  • Exemptions for medical or religious reasons are no longer being accepted. The deadline to submit a request was 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 13.

Vaccine-related information:

  • Occupational Health does not receive influenza vaccination documentation from BJC or any other provider, meaning employees must upload it themselves.
  • Employees receive regular pay for time taken to get the vaccine during a regularly scheduled workday. Employees need to request time and notify managers of any time needed.

Suspension information:

  • Employees out of compliance will be suspended for up to 30 days starting Nov. 28. They will be placed on unpaid leave. Find impact to employee benefits here (PDF).
  • Employees can obtain their flu vaccine and upload proof in ReadySet at anytime during the 30-day suspension to get in compliance. Once they are in compliance, their suspension will be lifted. To do this, HR will notify supervisors of any employees who become compliant and will go back to active employment status. Supervisors will then notify their employee(s) they can return to work on X date.
  • Employees who continue to be out of compliance after 30 days may be subject to additional corrective action, up to and including, termination for policy violations.

Refer to the influenza vaccination policy and flu FAQ webpage for details, including how employees can obtain a flu shot before the deadline.

Please help ensure that people in your area who have not yet provided documentation of vaccination do so by 5 p.m. on Nov. 27. We will continue to update you regarding the names of those who remain undocumented in ReadySet. Direct supervisors can also view the status of direct reports and vaccination status/compliance in ReadySet. Depending on the status of the list for your area, you should begin to plan for how you will cover vacant positions.If you have questions or would like to request assistance in talking to employees, please contact your employee relations consultant assigned to your area. Vaccination protects our employees and the community, and also helps ensure continuity of operation in your areas. Contact HR or Occupational Health if you have questions.