WUSM Faculty Salary Continuation

Medical School Policy on Faculty Salary Continuation for Personal and Family Medical Leave

Effective date: October 1, 2016

I. Scope and Eligibility

All full- or part-time benefits eligible faculty members are eligible to request paid time off as described below:

1. For their own physical or mental illness, injury, or medical condition (including maternity and other FMLA qualifying conditions) or;

2. To care for the child, parent, spouse or domestic partner (defined under the FMLA) who has an illness, injury, medical condition.

II. Availability of Salary Continuation

Any eligible faculty who requires time off due to any reason described above, must submit a request to the Department Chair (or designee) for approval, subject to each department’s established approval procedures. Such request whenever possible should be made in advance or as soon as practical, given the nature of the absence. In approving such request, the Department Chair may consider the extent and nature of the illness, the impact such absence may have on patient care, research and other departmental operations, and the overall productivity and contribution of the faculty member.

Such leave may not be granted more than twice within a period of sixty months unless extenuating circumstances exist and the Department Chair determines it is in the best long-term interest of the department to approve an additional leave.

III. Salary, Benefits and Responsibilities During Leave

A faculty member who takes leave thru salary continuation shall retain the same pay (base plus supplemental pay) and benefits status he or she would have had if not on leave, and shall be relieved of normal duties and responsibilities for patient care, research and teaching activities during the period of leave as agreed to and approved by the Department Chair. At the discretion of the Department Chair, a plan may be established to ensure all responsibilities are fully discharged or covered upon the return of the faculty member.

Paid leave may be granted under this policy for up to three months in a fiscal year, to full-time faculty based on medical necessity, given the nature and seriousness of the medical condition. Part-time benefit-eligible faculty may be granted leave in proportion to their established percent of effort not to exceed three months. A physician’s statement is required to determine a reasonable duration of absence, and in order to approve requested leave. Such pay extends to the end of the approved period or to the end of the appointment whichever comes first.

Absences under this policy may affect the amount or timing of any incentive compensation provided under a department compensation plan. As an alternative to requesting time off, requests for workload relief may be made in accordance with the School of Medicine Probationary Period Suspension Policy, Section C.

IV. Maternity

Time off for maternity situations must be requested in advance subject to each department’s established procedures and should be used to cover the birth and any medical conditions

related to the birth. A physician’s statement may be required to approve requests for time off prior to delivery, or for absences extending beyond eight weeks, following delivery.

V. Effect on Probationary Period

Refer to the School of Medicine’s Suspension of the Probationary Period Policy.


Benefits provided under this policy are intended to be consistent and not in conflict with rights provided under the FMLA. Any leave taken under this policy is taken concurrently with FMLA time provided for qualifying medical or family leave.

VII. Additional Time Off

The provision of salary continuation described in this policy is considered the standard time available for absences due to illness, maternity or to care for a family member. In extenuating circumstances, a Department Chair may extend paid time off under this policy where medical standards or other factors would dictate, and it is determined to be in the best interest of the department overall.

VIII. Appeals Process

While the goal of this program is to align departmental and faculty member interests, it is possible that disagreements may occur. Individual faculty concerns will be presented in writing to the Department Chair. Should individual faculty/department concerns continue, requests for review can be presented through the School of Medicine Faculty Compensation Plan Appeal Process.