Workplace Violence Policy

All employees are expected to meet the university’s standards of professionalism and demonstrate courtesy to co-workers, students, visitors and members of the public. Each employee shares the responsibility for preventing possible workplace violence.

No employee shall threaten or use force or violence to restrain, coerce or intimidate any co-worker, student, visitor or member of the public. An employee engaged in such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Employees who feel they are being provoked or harassed by co-workers should discuss the problem with their supervisor, Human Resources, or University Police/School of Medicine Protective Services.

Any employee who receives a threat of violence by co-workers or another person, and any employee who hears, observes, reads or otherwise becomes aware of a threat of violence by any employee against them or a co-worker, whether such threat is direct or implied, should immediately report the fact of such threat to University Police/School of Medicine Protective Services.

Firearms, knives, ammunition, explosive materials and any other dangerous weapons or materials (concealed or otherwise) are prohibited on all university premises (including university parking facilities) and at all functions sponsored by the university, except as specified in the university’s Policy on Weapons, Explosives or Fireworks. Firearms may not be stowed in vehicles parked on or in university parking facilities. Excluded from this prohibition are the University Police/School of Medicine Protective Services response officers who carry equipment as necessary to perform their job duties. Exceptions to the university prohibition on weapons on all campuses may only be made on an individual basis by the Chief of the Washington University Police Department.