Workday Profile Pictures Standards Policy

The adoption of Workday by Washington University has allowed the option for all employees to upload a picture of themselves so that other community members can identify them. The intent of this policy is to ensure that these profile pictures are appropriate for our workplace and to minimize misunderstandings within our community.

The following guidance should be considered when uploading a profile picture:

  • Pictures should be a recent professional or personal face shot of the employee only. This should be on a plain background.
  • Pictures should not be full body, no baby pictures, pictures of other people/family (including family or other individuals), nor should picture include other people.
  • No pictures should show derogatory, discriminatory, or profane words, symbols, or phrases.
  • Pictures should not be of animals, memes, avatar, cartoons, political statements or other digital imagery.
  • Pictures should only include Washington University logos.
  • Pictures should not include lewd or crude mannerisms or suggestive poses.
  • Pictures should be in compliance with the Washington University dress code policy.

HR reserves the right to review and remove any pictures which do not meet the standards as outlined. Continued use of pictures that do not meet the standards set above may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Updated June 2021