Postdoctoral Research Scholars & Clinical Fellows w/ Outside Funding

Postdoctoral Research Scholars or Clinical Fellows are eligible for university
benefits only if they receive a stipend from Washington University (the
“university”). There are occasions when the Scholars or Clinical Fellows receive
funding directly from outside sources that is not routed through the university.

This policy provides guidance to departments in order for such individuals to be
eligible for University benefits:

  • Prior to offering a Scholar or Clinical Fellow a position, the department is
    responsible for determining if the outside funding source will provide funds
    to the university sufficient to pay a stipend to the Scholar or Clinical
    Fellow, or if departmental funds are available to pay a stipend
  • The Scholar or Clinical Fellow will be eligible for university benefits
    applicable to and/or selected by the Scholar or Clinical Fellow only if the
    amount of the stipend is sufficient to cover the total cost of university
  • The total cost of university benefits that must be covered by the stipend
    includes the applicable departmental fringe benefit charges for such
    Scholar or Clinical Fellow and the Scholar or Clinical Fellow’s portion of
    benefit costs, including premiums for voluntary or optional benefit elections

If a Scholar or Clinical Fellow receives 100% of his/her funding directly from an
outside source and does not receive any stipend from the university, then
university benefits are not available.

Rev January 1, 2014