International Remote Work Policy

The University recognizes that the success of many of our programs may require remote work, including work that may occur outside of the United States. In addition to meeting business needs in support of the University’s missions and goals, the University takes seriously its obligations to be an employer that meets legal and ethical requirements, as well as appropriate social responsibilities, in the locales where its work is being done.

These situations require an analysis of employment laws and requirements in that country, payroll and tax implications, funding source restrictions, information security, etc. In many cases, these situations will require review from an outside consultant at the department’s expense.

Any requests for employees to work while outside of the United States must be in furtherance of departmental and university needs. These requests must be reviewed for approval well in advance of an employee being employed outside of the United States. This is inclusive of situations where an offer of employment may be in the process of being made/or has been made to an individual who is currently residing outside of the United States. Requests to work from abroad for personal reasons will not be approved.

If an employee is currently working while in another country and is unable to return to the United States for any reason, including pandemic-related travel restrictions, Human Resources must be notified so that an individualized assessment of the situation may be completed, in conjunction with the appropriate university departments and in many cases, an outside consultant at the department’s expense.

Requests for an exception to this policy to allow for international employment for reasons other than the furtherance of departmental and university needs should be made to the appropriate Dean with final review and confirmation by the Provost (or analogous Executive leadership for CFU areas) and the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.

Updated October 2020