Candidate Identification

It is the responsibility of the candidate to apply for positions for which they are qualified and for which they wish to be considered as a candidate.  Candidates are highly encouraged to submit a resume during the application process. Some positions may require a resume and/or cover letter. For each application, candidates can upload a unique cover letter and/or resume/CV document to tailor their application materials to that specific position. Internal candidates are encouraged to supplement their applications with additional information that would assist the hiring manager in assessing their candidacy, such as performance evaluations or letter(s) of reference from individuals who have firsthand knowledge of an internal candidate’s work and performance. 

Hiring managers are encouraged to exercise due diligence to validate application materials, as appropriate, for qualifications, including education, certification, experience, and skills, prior to extending an offer for internal and external applicants. If hiring managers have questions regarding whether a candidate meets the required qualifications for a position, they can reach out to Recruitment and/or Compensation.

Internal Candidates – Job applications are available immediately to the hiring team. Internal candidates are strongly encouraged to inform their immediate supervisor once they have reached the stage of a verbal offer in order for reference checks to take place. Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to conduct internal reference checks by speaking to the applicant’s immediate supervisor. However, this step should not be taken until the internal candidate has had an opportunity to inform their current supervisor. If there are questions regarding the reference check process, the hiring manager can contact their recruiter for next steps.

The university encourages cross-training, lateral transfer and promotional opportunities for all employees. Employees may obtain information regarding advancement opportunities by visiting the Office of Human Resources’ website ( An employee must have completed a minimum of nine (9) months of service in their position to be eligible to apply for a new position, unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been approved by Employee Relations (i.e., staff reductions, loss of funding).” See the Transfer Policy and Procedure for additional information.

External Candidates – Job applications are available immediately to the hiring team. In the event that a school/department receives solicited or unsolicited resumes directly, the hiring manager should instruct the individual(s) to apply using the online system and/or specific application instructions listed on the job posting at Government regulations require an accurate account of all applicants and activity associated with them.