Academic Services Access Guidelines

University visitors who are not current employees or students may be eligible to receive special access to university resources that are generally licensed for those groups. These resources currently include:

  • access to @wustl email
  • access to Microsoft 365, Box, and other  licensed software [i]
  • loan privileges for library collections, including remote access to online resources (excludes interlibrary loans)
  • campus card for access purposes

The University recognizes three types of Academic Services Access:

  1. Retired Faculty:
    • Must be formally retired from Washington University as an employee in good standing.
    • Must have been faculty on one of the following tracks at a qualifying rank:
      • Tenure track: associate professor or professor who is not emeritus/a
      • Teaching track: senior lecturer or teaching professor
      • Practice track: associate professor of practice or professor of practice
      • Research Professor track (Danforth Campus): research associate professor or research professor
      • Clinician track (WUSM Campus): assistant professor and above
      • Research track (WUSM Campus): assistant professor and above
    • Should be engaged in personal scholarship that aligns with the efforts at the University.
    • Excludes faculty with Emeritus status, who receive access through that appointment under a different process.
  2. Academic Affiliation:
    • Must have an ongoing collaboration, partnership, or project with an academic department or program, which may include engagement with current and former students.
    • May be in conjunction with an “Honorary” appointment in recognition of their outstanding contributions to our collaborative research mission as an employee of a recognized, research-partner institution for which specific, vetted, qualified individuals are given Academic Services Access roles. The Honorary appointment itself is governed by other policies.
    • May be in conjunction with a qualifying, unpaid “Visiting Faculty” appointment, if required. The Visiting appointment itself is governed by other policies.
    • May be non-paid voluntary or visiting faculty appointments on WUSM campus
  3. Transitional Affiliation:
    • Time-limited status for new faculty who require access prior to their employment start date in order to coordinate grants, labs, research, reporting, advising, or other obligations. Normally this will extend up to one semester.
    • Time-limited status for faculty who resign from Washington University but require short-term continuation of access to systems in order to complete research, reporting, advising, or other essential obligations. Normally this is expected to extend no longer than one or two semesters.
  1. The chair or director of the sponsoring department or program will recommend to their school Academic Access for access to resources. 
  2. Explicit approval of the school’s dean or designee is required. 
  3. After the status is fully approved, the sponsoring Academic Department or Program will process the assignment of an “Academic Services Access” non-employee [ii] position to the visitor in Workday.
  4. Successful completion of the non-employee onboarding will confer the specified privileges and access.

Use the Academic Services Access authorization form to initiate a request. The approved form must be uploaded to Workday during the onboarding process.

Questions should be submitted to


Academic Services Access roles normally are granted for a specified term or else on an academic-year cycle with the ability to renew annually on July 1. The hosting unit or school dean retains the discretion to review or rescind an ASA role within a term or prior to any renewal.

[i] This role does not provide IT service and hardware support, beyond what is provided by the standard IT help desk.

[ii] Non-employee positions are referred to as “contingent workers” in the present HR system, Workday.