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October is Women’s Health Month

“Women who consistently get an annual mammogram beginning at age 40, survive longer than women who don’t show up for their mammogram.”

These are sobering words when it comes to breast cancer. Dr. Catherine Appleton, Associate Professor of Radiology and Chief of the Breast Imaging Section, emphasizes how important it is to discuss mammography with your physician beginning at age 40 to determine appropriate screening.

siteman_mammogram_vanSome women are hesitant to get screened because they are afraid of the process or the results, but Dr. Appleton says, “Because our radiology technologists, day in and day out, are focused on the patient having a good experience and they are focused on anticipating patient needs, our patients overwhelmingly come through saying it was the best mammogram they’ve ever had.”

Washington University has partnered with Siteman Cancer Center to provide easy access to mammography through the Mammogram Van events. Each appointment takes about 30 minutes, requiring very little time from a woman’s busy schedule. The Van features the privacy and comfort of a traditional screening center with the convenience of a fully functioning mobile unit. Women will receive their results in the mail within 7 days after their screening exam and the physician will receive a faxed report as well.

The earlier breast cancer is detected the better the outcomes. “Who is reading the mammogram matters”, says Dr. Appleton.  The team of Washington University radiologists and radiology technologists, who specialize in mammography, interpret more than 50,000 mammograms every year. They are solely dedicated to interpreting breast images.

“If a patient needs additional treatment, we facilitate referral to one of our expert breast oncology surgeons. Our integrated team has breast health at the forefront of their clinical practice.” Learn more about the Siteman Cancer Center mammography screening program.

Don’t wait! Schedule your screening exam today.  Learn more

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