WashU Moves!WashU Moves is an activity challenge for all benefits-eligible, Washington University faculty, staff, clinical fellows and postdoctoral appointees.  Sponsored by Wellness Connection, an initiative of Washington University Human Resources, our goal is to help you incorporate more movement into your daily life.

WashU Moves activity challenges are an important component of our wellness program, helping us all incorporate movement into daily life and WashU culture. We would appreciate your feedback to help us plan future challenges. Please take a few minutes to complete an evaluation of this new challenge format.


Division of Biostatistics Teams: Red Roos and Purple Pachyderms

Pictured left to right: Hongjie Gu, Peter Dore, Sherri Turner, Charles Goss, Rita Fulton, Joe Moen, Matthew Brown, Jocelyn Johnson, Linda Schreier, & Avril Adelman

WashU Moves Walk Stars embody what it means to incorporate physical activity into their daily life. No matter where they are on their path to wellness, a Walk Star is a role model and an inspiration to help motivate others as we strive to reach 10,000 steps daily and improve our well-being.

These two teams incorporate inter-departmental competition in the challenge, in addition to competing against their assigned teams each round. The teammates encourage one another to take the stairs or go for a walk. Team statistics are posted on the division refrigerator to remind each other to move, and they’ve had fun analyzing the stats of which team improved the most and who was the most consistent from week to week.

WashU Moves Invitational  March 14 – April 17!

The WashU Moves Invitational concluded at midnight on Tuesday, April 17th. Thank you for your participation and taking this important step for your personal health and wellness.

To review your activity for WashU Moves Invitational:

  1. Login to your WashU WebMD portal through our website or Wellness At Your Side mobile app.
  2. Click on the blue Challenge Invitational icon on your WashU WebMD Portal homepage.
  3. Review your record to see if you’re eligible for rewards.

Supporting regular physical activity for our employees is a priority for Wellness Connection, and we are excited to announce an enhancement to the challenge experience through a new WashU Moves Challenge: the Invitational!

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get moving and improve your health. Research shows that taking 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles) can significantly improve your overall fitness and reduce your risk for myriad diseases. Increased activity can also boost your mood and improve productivity.

This new challenge pairs competing teams of five with similar activity levels, making it easier for participants of all abilities to increase their chance of winning, while staying active and having fun. In addition to the weekly team match-up, participants are encouraged to strive for an individual goal of 10,000 steps each day during this challenge.

WashU Moves Invitational includes a warm-up / registration week and five weekly rounds:

  • Registration & Warm-Up: March 7 – March 13
  • Round 1: March 14 – March 20
  • Round 2: March 21 – March 27
  • Round 3: March 28 – April 3
  • Round 4: April 4 – April 10
  • Round 5: April 11 – April 17
  • Final Results: April 19 – May 2

Those who wish to participate as an individual may do so. The WashU Moves Invitational is designed for teams of five, so to participate as an individual simply start your own team. The system will generate four “ghost players” to complete your team of five. Ghost players are a system-generated team member whose daily activity will be based on your average step count. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about creating, joining, or being assigned to a team.

Participants are challenged to log 10,000 steps per day throughout the challenge, and can earn up to $20 in VISA Prepaid Cards by meeting daily step goals. Record 10,000 steps each day for 9 total days throughout the challenge to earn $10. Record 10,000 steps each day for 15 total days throughout the challenge and earn an additional $10, for a total of $20. Participants must meet the minimum participation requirement to be eligible for any rewards, and all rewards will be calculated upon close of the challenge. Additionally, each round will result in winning teams and high steppers, who will be recognized in WashU Moves Invitational communications. Visit our Rewards page to learn more about reward eligibility criteria.

The WashU Moves activity challenges are hosted within the WashU WebMD Portal. All Washington University benefits-eligible faculty, staff, clinical fellows and postdoctoral appointees have access to this portal and are eligible to participate.

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