What is Work of Art?

Work of Art is an emotional fitness campaign designed to help you learn skills that boost happiness and foster resilience.  Living an emotionally healthy life is an art, but the activities and habits that lead to long-term success are grounded in science: enhancing mindfulness, sharing gratitude, increasing optimism, and strengthening connections.

How does it work?

Monday Updates

Every Monday during the campaign you’ll receive 5 additional activities in these categories:

  • Enhancing mindfulness
  • Experiencing gratitude
  • Increasing optimism
  • Strengthening connections
  • Collage (miscellaneous)

Your Daily Activity

  • Aim to complete 2 activities a day, most days each week
  • Choose activities that matter most to you
  • You can do the same activity each day or skip around

Earning Points

  • Get 5 points for answering a quiz question (5 additional questions each week)
  • Earn 10 points for recording an emotional well-being activity (2 activities a day)
  • Aim for 100 points a week

Tracking Progress

  • The program creates a simple sketch outline of a photo you choose
  • Each time you earn points you get to “paint” a portion of the picture
  • Aim for 1 completed work of art a week (100 points)

Participating on a Team (optional) 

  • Form your own team of 4 members or accept the invitation of another
  • The team goal is to achieve 400 points a week, with each member contributing 100 points
  • Participating on a team makes Work of Art more fun and effective.

I forgot my password to log-in to the mobile app. How do I reset my password?

You will be using your email and the password you created when you first registered for the Launchpad when you first participated in a wellness challenge.  However, to reset your password, go to your WashU Wellness Launchpad and click on the Settings wheel on the top right corner next to your name.  Under Mobile Password, enter your new password and click “Save Changes” on the bottom right corner.  You should be able to log onto the app after the new password has been saved.

How long will registration stay open?

Registration opens Monday, July 6th and participants can enroll throughout the challenge. Competition starts on Monday, July 20th and ends on Sunday, August 16th.

What is the incentive for participating?

All individuals who earn 100 points for the week will be entered into a drawing for a prize.  For those who are participating on a team and earn 400 points per week will be entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of the challenge.

If I am terminated or leave the university, am I still eligible for the incentive?

No, if you are terminated or decide to leave the university mid-challenge, you will not be eligible for the incentive for the points you have earned thus far in the challenge.

Can I update my home address for incentive purposes?

Yes. You’re able to update your home address by hovering over your name in the top right corner of Work of Art, and clicking on the Settings page. On this page you see the option to update your home address. Please have the most current address on your account by the end of the challenge.

Who is eligible to participate in this activity challenge?

All benefits eligible employees are able to participate.  Emotional fitness isn’t a race won by the most athletic.  Work of Art encourages you to explore the social and emotional practices that contribute to overall well-being, happiness, and resilience.

How does individual competition work?

Once registered, you’re automatically part of the individual competition.

How does the team competition work?

Teams will consist of 4 members. The team competition will end August 16th, so be sure to complete logging by August 21st to have your activity count toward your team’s score.

Why do I want to be on a team?

It’s fun! Plus, joining with others striving for similar goals keeps you accountable and doubles your chances of success. So start or join a team with members close by, across the hall, or around the world the most important thing is to recruit others who are motivated to be active and healthy.

Who do I contact if I am having difficulties with the website and cannot log activity?

Use the contact button on the bottom of the WashU Wellness Launchpad homepage for further assistance. A Work of Art representative will follow up within 1 business day.