Benefits-eligible employees have several options for tracking their activity during the Coast to Coast challenge and beyond. We encourage you to consider the best option for your lifestyle and activity needs.

Important Information for the Coast to Coast Activity Challenge:

You have two options to track your steps during the Coast to Coast Activity Challenge:

  1. Automatic upload through a synced device AND
  2. Manual entry

The Coast to Coast activity challenge allows for you to sync from a device and enter activity using the conversion chart at any point in the challenge.  To see a list of devices that are compatible with the Coast to Coast Challenge, click here.

To track your steps during an activity challenge, you can use one of the following:

GARMIN vivoki™activity tracker

For instructions on how to set up your Garmin vivoki, click here.

Participants who have previously received the Garmin vivoki are encouraged to use that device for the current challenge.  If you have lost your vivoki and would like to purchase a replacement, please contact Wellness Connection at for the replacement code.

traditional-pedometerTraditional Pedometer

This simple device clips to your waist and will track your steps throughout the day.  The display shows steps accumulated, distance traveled and calories burned.  To participate in the any activity challenge, users will need to manually enter steps into the challenge.