What is 10K-A-Day?

This fun-filled walking tour takes you to some of the world’s most fascinating cities. As you strive for 10,000 daily steps, you’ll stop at exciting tourist hot spots each day — from ancient fortresses to seaside parks. Along the way you’ll improve health and overall well-being while moving toward feeling your best.

How does it work?

Every 2 weeks you’ll visit a new city, unlocking attractions and earning points each day you record steps. Plus you’ll answer a fun trivia question and learn why the attraction belongs on your bucket list.

What is the goal?

To earn 15 points a week by working up to 10,000 steps a day:

  • 4000-6999= 3 Points
  • 7000-9999= 4 Points
  • 10,000+ steps= 5 points

While you may not be able to achieve 10,000 at the start, 10K-A-Day inspires you to do more each day on the way to your goal.

Who is eligible to participate in this activity challenge?

All benefits eligible employees are able to participate. Whether you’re just beginning or an avid walker, 10K-A-Day gives you simple, motivating tools to see your progress, providing instant feedback from your favorite tracking device or app.

When can I register to participate?

Registration opens May 6 and participants can enroll until May 28, 2019. Competition starts on May 20 and ends July 14, 2019.

Why 10,000 steps?

10K-A-Day is based on research showing active individuals — those who achieve 10,000 steps a day or more — report greater energy, better mood, improved sleep, and other benefits, including lower risk for many chronic conditions. Reaching 10,000 daily steps may be a challenge, but you can work up to it gradually by adding 1000 steps a week to your regular routine and setting aside 30-60 minutes of dedicated walking time each day.

What are the trivia questions?

After you’ve logged your daily steps, you’ll have the chance to answer a trivia question about each must-see destination. Don’t worry… they’re no points, so no pressure.

How does the activity tracker sync to my 10K-A-Day account?

After you register and have connected a device or apt to your 10K-A-Day account, it’s simple. Just put your device on in the morning, then each time you sync it with your computer or app and log into your 10K-A-Day account, you can see your steps add up. To see a full list of devices you can synce with, click here.

Can I log activity that’s not accurately measured with a tracking device, like swimming or cycling?

Yes. Use the Step Converter in the Log drawer. Enter the activity and minutes, then 10K-A-Day does the conversion for you.

If I’m not wearing a step counter, can I get credit for my incidental steps throughout the day?

Yes. Estimate your steps and add them to your total based on these guidelines:

  • 2000 steps: I mostly stayed at my workstation except for occasional breaks.
  • 3000 steps: I moved a moderate amount, getting away from my workstation for short walks several times.
  • 4000 steps: I moved a lot, with frequent short walks to perform my job.

How does individual competition work?

Once registered, you’re automatically part of the individual competition. You can view how you rank amongst your fellow walkers on the individual leaderboard. Not comfortable having your score displayed? No problem; you can opt-out of having your name appear in your Preferences.

How does the team competition work?

All teams must have 4-20 members (yourself plus 3-19 others). The individual who starts the team is the team leader. You can be a member of only 1 team. Scores are based on the team’s average points. If you choose to join a different team then you’re currently on, please use the Contact Us box on the help page of 10K-A-Day for further assistance. A representative will follow up within 24 hours. Every person’s individual contribution affects the team score so gather a group who will encourage and support each other along the way!

Why do I want to be on a team?

It’s fun! Plus, joining with others striving for similar goals keeps you accountable – and doubles your chances of success. So start or join a team with members close by, across the hall, or around the campus – the most important thing is to recruit others who are motivated to be active and healthy.

If I have a disability can I still participate in 10K-A-Day?

Yes; 10K-A-Day’s self-paced, flexible design fits people of all abilities. If walking isn’t possible, be as active as you can in whatever ways you enjoy. If you’re unsure which activities are best, check with your healthcare provider. The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability offers specific ideas.

In 10K-A-Day, you can get credit for activities that don’t track steps. Use the Step Converter in the Log drawer or the Step Conversions tool under the Tools/Resources tab.

If your activity isn’t listed, estimate your steps based on the closest in intensity (light, moderate, vigorous). An odometer can gauge distance in a wheelchair; 5 miles of pushing generally equals 10,000 steps (2000 steps/mile).

Who should I contact if I have questions during the challenge?

Use the Contact Us box for further assistance. A 10K-A-Day representative will follow up within 24 hours.

Who do I contact if I have a medical condition that prohibits me from participating in the challenge?

Washington University’s Wellness Connection is committed to helping you take positive steps toward your well-being. Please check with your doctor and health care team prior to starting any new exercise regimen.

Tips for Motivating Teammates

  • Lead by example! Talk about your personal goals and efforts to reach 10,000 steps each day. Make a visible effort to be active during the work day: park in the furthest spot, walk to the furthest bathroom, take a 1-3 minute break every 30 minutes.
  • Integrate activity into your meetings and gatherings as much as possible. Include a “stand up moment” in your slide presentations and encourage coworkers to stand and stretch. Hold a walking meeting when appropriate.
  • Encourage your team to explore the campus and get some activity – reference these maps for guidance.
  • Use a “break buddy” to help cover your work when you take a short break. Plan ahead for when you intend to take a break and ask your buddy to answer the phone while you step away for a little while. Do the same for your buddy!
  • Make sure your teammates have an activity tracker; encourage them to check their batteries or have an extra charger at work to ensure their tracker is functioning.
  • Send a weekly reminder to remind teammates to record their steps if they aren’t automatically synced or to make sure they’re synced steps are loading accurately.
  • Share the ways you move through pictures and caption on social media: we’re on Twitter – @WashUWellness and #WashUMoves