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Wellness Champion Spotlight: Champion Network

Wellness Champion Network

As Wellness Connection Champions, we strive to promote a professional environment where people can be their whole selves, center learning & growth, and foster a culture that makes it easy for people to be well and do their jobs. The University provides resources to help our Champions connect with each other, learn about vital resources, and grow in their personal and professional lives.

The past 18 months have challenged us in ways I didn’t know were possible. Many of our team were asked to pivot to a remote or hybrid environment, with myriad shifting pressures and priorities. I’m so proud to report that our Champions rose up to meet that challenge. They have innovated their roles to adapt to the changing environment and ensure their colleagues stay up-to-date on University resources. We even grew our network with 35 new Champions since January 2020!

Pie chart indicating number of Champions by campus

The WashU Wellness Connection Champion network currently consists of 134 Champions in 93 departments and 64 buildings.

Each quarter the Champions are asked to complete a survey, which helps us determine which tools & resources are being utilized and where additional help may be needed. The graph below shows the top ten ways in which Champions promote Wellness Connection offerings and foster a culture of health and wellbeing.

This list includes typical activities, like forwarding newsletters and flyers to their colleagues, but it’s not all-inclusive. Some of our Champions have come up with really ingenious and innovative ideas, such as:

  • Monthly emails that include a wellness spotlight
  • “Sunrise Coffee Fridays” as a way to promote wellness and togetherness
  • Wellness bulletin boards
  • Ongoing departmental wellness group meetings
  • Weekly encouragement to participate in Wellness Connection initiatives
  • Wellness channel within MS Teams, including “Wellness Wednesday” posts
  • Posting & sharing healthy recipes
  • Initiating walk & talk meetings

Wellness Champions have long been an important component of the University’s wellness strategy, and this past year has reinforced just how crucial they are to how our resources are communicated to employees, as well as the level of acceptance those resources receive. By connecting with each other and helping to educate their colleagues about Wellness Connection and other WashU resources, our Champion network is having a real impact on our workplace. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our network of Champions.

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Join our growing network of Wellness Champions! Learn more about the role here.