For additional information on our Wellness Programs, contact a team member.

Our Objectives

  • Provide a digital platform for employees to assess their current health status, engage in health education programs, set goals for improving health decision-making, and track progress.
  • Offer year-round health and wellness communication and on-campus programming that support employees’ personal wellbeing goals.
  • Collaborate with departments and organizations throughout the university and the larger St. Louis community to create a cohesive approach to community health and wellness.

Our Guiding Values

  1. We believe people have the capacity to develop creative and fulfilling lives through their own actions and beliefs.
  2. We believe healthy people are more effective workers, family and community members.
  3. We believe the best way to encourage individuals to make healthy decisions is to create an environment in which they can motivate themselves.
  4. We believe the process is just as important as the outcomes and we aim to engage every employee in designing and sustaining our community initiatives.