Peace of Mind at your Fingertips through Safety App, Noonlight

Connect to the police wherever you are with the Noonlight App

Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek) is a mobile personal safety app that individuals can discreetly use when they feel unsafe, giving them the security of a stand-by service attendant ready to call 911 if danger approaches.

How does it work? If you feel unsafe for any reason, simply open the app and hold your thumb on the blue safe button. When you reach your destination, release your thumb and enter your 4 digit pin number to confirm your safety. If you feel a heightened sense of danger and you would like assistance, release your thumb, but do not enter your pin. The Noonlight team will text and call you to make sure you are safe. If you do not respond, they will dispatch the police, giving them your exact location, name and emergency.

In 2017, Washington University entered a license agreement with SafeTrek (which became Noonlight in June 2018), allowing all University community members (students, faculty, staff and basic service contractors) the ability to download the app for free. Several thousand WUSTL community members are already using this safety app each week, on campus, throughout St. Louis or anywhere in the United States. Noonlight provides an extra layer of security and protection anywhere you go.

To download the Noonlight app using your complimentary WUSTL subscription, please follow the instructions at