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How To Apply for Washington University Employment Opportunities

Washington University in St. Louis is an outstanding organization, known not only for its educational excellence but also for its stature as an employer of choice within the St. Louis area. We are proud to claim a community of highly dedicated staff and faculty, as well as diverse and talented students from all parts of the world.

Washington University’s user-friendly online employment system allows you to create and edit your application; apply for specific jobs and monitor their statuses; attach cover letters, resumes, and additional supporting documentation; and access the system 24 hours a day.

  1. Begin by visiting our website at
  2. Create your online account by clicking on Register Now. Create your user name and password (write this down for later use).
  3. Search for jobs. What kind of job interests you? Search jobs by campus, title, school/department, job family, or other criteria by clicking on the blue Advanced Search link and entering your search specifications. Leave all fields blank, make sure that “Anytime” is selected in the Find Jobs Posted Within dropdown menu, and click Search to see all current openings. Click the blue Posting Title link to see an entire job posting.
  4. Apply for jobs. In order to be considered for a position, you must apply to each specific posting that interests you. If you find a job of interest that matches your qualifications, click Apply Now. If you have already saved an online application, follow the system prompts to make any changes or updates and answer any associated supplemental questions, then Submit the application. If you have not yet completed an online application, you will need to do so in order to apply. If you have begun applying for a position and realize you aren’t ready to attach your documents, you can return later by selecting Save, then Close Application. When you return, select the blue Applications link under “My Career Tools,” then click on the blue job title link in the Applications column on the next page. This application will show a status of “Not Applied.”
  5. You will be able to confirm successful submission of your application materials by selecting the blue Applications link under “My Career Tools.” This feature will note the number of applications you have submitted and will indicate a status of “applied” for all those successfully transmitted to the Employment Office.
  6. You may view and/or edit your existing application prior to applying for each specific job posting.
  7. Be sure to log out every time you leave the system. You will be able to log in again with the user name and password you created.

Please note that this system requires all applicants to utilize the online process. All applications and/or resumes must be submitted through the online system for consideration; paper applications/resumes will not be considered. Special supporting documentation, e.g., curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, etc., will be accepted in hard copy form if indicated as required documentation in the job posting.

Hints for Successful Site Navigation: Washington University Employment System

In order to maximize your search results:

  • View all open postings by leaving the Keyword search field blank, selecting “Anytime” from the dropdown menu in the Posted field, and clicking on the Search button.
  • Conduct a basic keyword search by entering terms specific to your area of interest in the Keyword field. The system will return any requisitions that include your search term within the job title or the text of the job posting. EXAMPLE: “accounting” or “research”
  • When searching by job title, enter your criteria in the Keyword field. Use as general a term as possible, or provide only a portion of the known title with an asterisk notation (click on the blue “Search Tips” link for additional notation and abbreviation information). The system will only return exact matches to the criteria entered, and in some cases titles may be abbreviated due to space limitations. EXAMPLE: “admin*” or “administrative,” not “administrative assistant to the executive vice chancellor”
  • Utilize the Keyword field to enter a job posting ID number or a portion of the job title. Alternatively, simply view all open positions and click on the ID# column header to sort requisition numbers of your search results numerically.
  • Using the Advanced Search feature, focus your search on positions within a particular campus or school by selecting the corresponding area from the dropdown Location menu.
  • Consider using the Advanced Search options located under the Find Jobs Posted Within or Display Results Sorted By menus to streamline and organize your search results for more efficient viewing.

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