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Mandatory Flu Shot Information for Medical School employees

The mandatory influenza policy is now in effect. Please review the policy and flu shot schedule to help ensure the Washington University School of Medicine protects the safety of our patients, as well as the health of the Medical School community and their families.
In order to protect its patients, students and employees, the School of Medicine is rolling out its annual flu shot schedule. Washington University’s mandatory influenza policy will require faculty and staff engaged in patient care or working in buildings where patient care occurs to obtain a flu shot. This policy is crucial to fulfilling our duty as a health care institution to protect the safety of our patients.

This policy states that getting an annual flu vaccine is a condition of employment and/or access to patient care or clinical care areas and applies to all Washington University employees, faculty, staff, residents, fellows, students, trainees, independent contractors, temporary agency personnel, volunteers, and vendors who provide patient care services or work in patient care areas in any facility owned and/or leased by the University.   This includes buildings on the Washington University Medical Campus and Danforth campus as well as all off-campus patient care locations.    

The influenza vaccination will be provided free of charge to all University employees and students throughout the flu season, as long as supplies are available.  Personnel requiring mandatory vaccination under this new policy will be notified individually by email in the next several days and have until December 16, 2019 to receive their influenza vaccination. 

The policy, common Q & A, the flu vaccination schedule, details about the vaccines to be provided and exemption request forms for medical or religious reasons, can be found on the Occupational Health website.

Mandatory Influenza Policy Q&A

What must I do to be in compliance with this policy?
Each designated employee must get the flu vaccination (or show documented proof of such) by December 16, 2019. Your WashU badge will be scanned at the flu shot event. If you do not go to a WashU event, documentation must be submitted directly to Occupational Health Services at (More details on documentation in the next question.​) 


What do I need to do if I go to a BJC, SLCH or similar non-WashU vaccination event?
As we are separate employers, if you choose to go to the vaccination events offered by other entities (such as BJC) please ensure that you keep your paper documentation and provide it to Occupational Health directly at You must submit the paper documentation if you are unable to attend a Washington University event.

What happens if I don’t comply by December 16, 2019?
Designated employees and students who fail to obtain an influenza vaccination will be subject to remedial action which may include suspension without pay, termination or denial of access to patient care or clinical areas. Your department chair and business office will be involved in the follow up on non-compliant employees.


Where do I go if I have additional questions?
The policy, common Q & A, the flu vaccination schedule, details about the vaccines to be provided and exemption request forms for medical or religious reasons, are located on the Occupational Health website


Medical and/or religious exemption requests must be submitted to by December 16, 2019. Please email if you have questions or require assistance.