During this time, we know that your normal department’s work is shifting to deal with the pressing and challenging circumstances related to the impact of COVID-19. This website contains daily “COVID-19 Manager Memo” posts and key resources.

Your Role as a Leader – How you can help take care of employees

Taking care of people is so important during this difficult time. To support employee well-being, please be aware of all of the resources available to support people. Supervisors play a crucial role in the well-being of their team members. It is incredibly important that you know what is available to help employees cope with stress, manage their work/life balance and take care of themselves.

Review quick resources below and please refer to the Employee Well-Being hub for core resources. A hub was created to provide quick, easy access to the help we know our employees need.

Working Remotely FAQ’s

Telecommuting Guidance

Is senior level management or HR approval required before employees can work remotely?
No, local management must decide which employees are approved to work remotely and what duties are needed. The forms which document the arrangement (expectations, communication schedule, location, schedule of work, length of time, duties to be done) are helpful in talking to employees and confirming the work from home assignment. 

What policies apply to work done remotely? 
All University policies continue to be in effect while working remotely.  The new location becomes the official workplace.  Overtime provisions still apply, as well as workers compensation, security and confidentiality of data, use of university equipment, and all other university policies, procedures, and protocols.

What technology is available to help employees effectively work remotely?
Visit it.wustl.edu to view technology and tools for working remotely.

Well-being Resources

Employee Assistance Program

Work-Life Solutions, the employee assistance program, offers free, confidential, 24/7 support, resources and information for every aspect of your life, including confidential emotional support from highly trained clinicians.

Employee Well-Being Hub

The Employee Well-Being hub includes health, wellness, mental health, financial well-being, family care support and other resources to help employees cope with stressors and thrive personally and professionally.

Employee Wellness Program

Wellness Connection is the employee wellness program. Find simple and effective ways to focus on your physical and emotional wellness.

Return to Campus Guidance

As managers, it is important you create a welcoming positive environment, set expectations and understand key employment considerations. Guidance includes IT considerations, ensuring a safe, healthy office environment, work-life needs of employees, remote work and alternate work schedules, COVID-19 related workplace modifications and other important information for management.


View Manager guide for Return to Campus.