COVID-19 Manager Memo's

Manager Memo: Temporary COVID-19 Coverage (TCC pay)

In view of current COVID and staffing conditions, the university will adopt the following pay policy to be in effect from Jan. 18 – Feb 28, 2022. Any employee who meets the following conditions will be eligible to use up to seven (7) days of temporary COVID-19 coverage (TCC pay) when needed at their regular rate of pay through Feb. 28. 2022.
To be eligible, an employee must:
  • Be eligible for WashU benefits
  • Be regularly performing a job with duties that must be carried out on campus (or other WU property) and in which regular duties cannot be done remotely
  • Have been directed to go home by Occupational Health because of illness due to COVID-19
  • Have a sick balance of zero hours, or be negative (due to borrowing from future sick time accrual)


What work is usually on-site only?
There are many jobs where the regular core duties can only be carried out on site. These include: ‘hands on’ patient care, certain research titles, facilities and custodial jobs that care for and clean onsite buildings and equipment, student or patient facing roles that require interaction on campus.

What code should we use to access TCC?
Use the existing HR approved time-off code. 

What happens when a person has a small balance then hits zero sick time? 

  • Employees who have already had time advanced (a negative balance) or are at zero can access TCC right away.
  • Employees who have a few days of sick time must use existing sick days til the balance hits zero and then may access TCC. They do not have to borrow future accruals because they can access TCC first. 
  • Both sick time and then TCC could be applied in one pay period as a person runs out of sick time and has to switch over.

What happens when a person uses all of the TCC pay and is still out?
HR will access each situation to see what is appropriate, but generally, employees who exhaust sick time and TCC may then use vacation time, and caregiver leave or STMD may apply given their circumstances. An unpaid leave of absence is also available to most employees should the circumstances require it. 

What pay covers a person home with a child (sick vs. school out due to COVID)?
Employees should first be encouraged to work from home and can be given a number of projects that keep them working while home without using sick or vacation time. Otherwise, employees can use sick time for a sick child situation. Employees must use vacation for school closing situations where there was no other work available. View Family Care resources.

How do we pay for Occupational Health directed quarantine vs. illness? 

Where OH has sent someone home with a positive diagnosis, but the person isn’t ill, it is regular pay. They should be encouraged to work remotely wherever possible. Where symptoms develop and they are being treated, sick time should apply. Where there is a zero sick time balance, TCC would apply as a temporary policy. If they exhaust TCC, employees can borrow against future sick accruals under current policy.