Wellness Connection

Join the challenge to move!

The Spring 2017 WashU Moves Challenge starts March 15th and all benefits-eligible employees are encouraged to join. The challenge is to accumulate 10,000 steps each day for 100 days through a variety of activities, including walking, running, rolling, biking, swimming, and many other fun ways to move. Participants can use an activity tracker or our conversion chart to manage your step count. First-time participants are eligible for a FREE GARMIN Vivoki tracker, which syncs your steps directly to your WashU WebMD Portal.

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Advocate for your Well-being

Your legs are restless, your back is stiff and your head is starting to throb. You’re having difficulty concentrating on the task at hand and you just don’t feel good. Your body is trying to tell you something – it’s time to get up and move! Most people start to feel the physical and psychological effects of being sedentary after 30-40 minutes. If we can be mindful of how we are feeling in the moment, we can take steps to address our needs. Taking a short break to stretch and move can alleviate these distractions. Don’t feel like you can just get up and walk away from your work? Talk to your supervisor about an appropriate way to take the short breaks you need. Use a sign to tell your co-workers that you’re taking an active break and will be back shortly. Communication is critical in establishing a sustainable break routine.  And if your job requires you to be on your feet and moving most of the day, your break may be better spent slowing down to stretch or relax for a few minutes. Listen to your body!