University Closings & Severe Weather

It is the policy of Washington University that faculty and staff members should report to work and leave work at their regularly scheduled times. Should weather conditions create potentially hazardous travel, the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, will evaluate the severity of the situation and, in consultation with the Executive Vice Chancellors, determine the appropriate measures to be taken. Factors to be considered will include the safety of our faculty, staff and students as well as the services that must be provided despite the severe weather. In the event that the decision is made to dismiss employees early, the staff of the Office of Human Resources will contact the various Executive Vice Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, and Deans, who, in turn, will be responsible for communicating this decision to faculty and staff members. Under these circumstances, employees will be paid for the entire day. Staff members who leave prior to the university decision being made will be paid for time worked, with the balance of the time being charged to vacation time. Separate announcements will be made regarding the Danforth Campus, School of Medicine (see below) and the evening programs.

If the university is open, but the employee feels that he or she cannot safely drive to work, the supervisor may permit the employee to take a day of vacation. In all cases, the decision regarding whether the drive to work can be made safely must remain with the individual employee.

There are some departments that, due to the nature of the work, must maintain a minimum staffing level twenty-four (24) hours per day. This determination is made on a departmental basis.

The School of Medicine must continuously maintain essential services and operations during any severe weather or emergency situation while providing for the safety and care of its patients, students, staff and faculty. Therefore, following School of Medicine operating policies, a separate decision and announcement will be made at the School of Medicine.