Severe Weather Policy

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine must continuously maintain essential services and operations during any severe weather or emergency situation and provide for the safety and care of its patients, students, staff and faculty. Therefore the School of Medicine is presumed to be open at all times and its members must be prepared to provide services as directed during any period of horrific weather or emergency situation.

In response to severe weather or other emergency situations, the Dean of the School of Medicine will determine the need for departments or units within the school to temporarily establish alternate work schedules. This “alternate work status” means that each department, based on its operational needs, may alter hours of operation as needed to provide essential services and address safety, health and other concerns for as long as the Dean determines such status is in effect. Decisions of this nature will be made at the Department Chair level based upon recommendations of key leaders within each unit and communicated to the Dean for overall coordination of school operations. During such situations, employees may be designated as:

  • Attendance required: Employees in this category are considered necessary to provide essential medical services, protect student safety, protect and provide for research and animal safety and well being, and continue critical infrastructure and business operations.
  • Attendance not required: Employees in this category may be directed to leave the worksite, or may perform regular tasks on-site or at home if such work is considered beneficial to the department and will not otherwise compromise safety or departmental response operations. It is assumed that this situation will be rare.

All pay provided to employees must follow federal and state law and School of Medicine pay policies set for severe weather and emergency conditions. Such policies may be modified as needed to take into account new or shifting circumstances at the discretion of the Dean.