Service Awards

The university has established service awards in recognition of the contributions and commitment of our staff.

Celebrate staff who rise to the challenge to move the university forward and help us achieve our missions of research, teaching and patient care. Through service awards, we celebrate and recognize Washington University’s dedicated staff.

Awards include: 

  • Service Awards marking service year milestones
  • Gloria W. White Award for Danforth Staff
  • School of Medicine Dean’s Distinguished Service Award
  • School of Medicine Research Support and Operation Staff Awards

Read more about eligibility and nomination information below.

Danforth Service Awards

Service Awards are presented to nonacademic staff for consecutive years of service during the Staff Day Program. Awards are made beginning with 10 years of continuous service and every five years thereafter.

All service awards, including the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award, are presented to staff on Staff Day at the morning ceremony.

Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award

Gloria W. White Distinguished Service AwardThe Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award was established to provide recognition to a Danforth Campus non-academic staff member for exceptional effort and contribution that result in the betterment of Washington University. The award recognizes our staff members and acknowledges their effort and contribution. The announcement of the employee who will receive the Award and the check for $1,000 will be made during this year’s Staff Day celebration.

School of Medicine Service Awards

Dean’s Distinguished Service Award

The Dean’s Distinguished Service Award remains the highest form of staff recognition at the School of Medicine.  To be eligible, the nominee must be a full-time staff member with a minimum of three (3) years of continuous service.  The award recognizes an employee for displaying ongoing commitment to exceeding job responsibilities, helping to create a positive working environment, and improving the community in which he or she lives.  The prizes are $1000 cash, a personalized award, acknowledgement on the Dean’s plaque, and recognition in the Record.

Research Support and Operations Staff Awards

To be eligible for the Research Support Award and Operations Staff Award, nominees must be employed at .50 FTE or greater.  These awards recognize employees for exceptional performance, outstanding leadership, and superior quality of service.  Winners receive $500 cash, a personalized plaque, acknowledgement on the Service Award plaque, and recognition in the Record

The Research Support Award is categorized as Basic Science and Clinical and the Operations Staff Award is Administrative, Facilities, or Teaching.

School of Medicine Length of Service Awards

The School of Medicine Length of Service Awards honor staff members with 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30+ years of service with Washington University at a special awards ceremony held during the month of June each year.