Don’t smoke. Limit alcohol.

Don’t smoke

Not smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. If you smoke, quit as soon as possible. You can do it. More than 1,000 Americans stop for good every day. Getting professional help can double your chances of success. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit for free tips.

It’s also important to limit alcohol. Drinking has many risks, including an increased chance of developing cancer.  Even just ½ to 1 drink a day can increase the risk of breast and colon cancer.  While moderate drinking may be good for the heart in older adults, zero alcohol is the healthiest choice overall.

Take Action

  • Get specialized professional counseling from certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists when you enroll in the Freedom From Smoking behavior change program.  For assistance to enroll in this free benefit, contact MyWay to Health at or call 314-286-0078.
  • Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit for free tips.
  • Find out if lung cancer screening is right for you.
  • Get support from a large quit-smoking community at
  • Be mindful of how much alcohol is in your drink.
  • Complete this quiz to better understand your drinking patterns.
  • Identify symptoms of alcohol use disorder.
  • UnitedHealthcare members can access 24/7, confidential support for substance abuse concerns by calling The Substance Use Helpline at 1-855-780-5955.
  • Staff, faculty, and students can safely dispose of unused and/or expired medications through a drop box in the Washington University Police Department on the South 40 campus.
  • We know that individual needs vary and we want you to be successful! Contact your UHC Nurse Advocate, Bridgette Sims, BSN, RN, for private guidance and support as you take steps to reduce substance use. Call Bridgette at 314-440-3882 or email

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