Climate of Mutual Respect

Washington University School of Medicine promotes a climate of mutual respect in the workplace. We respect the worth, dignity, potential and uniqueness of each individual. We empower each other and encourage teamwork to benefit those we serve.

 Our community is one in which:

We value each other’s work and our roles by:

  • behaving in ways that show respect toward co-workers
  • developing relationships that are built on trust
  • promoting a climate that is fair, supportive, and responsive
  • creating a welcoming environment through our words, actions and physical surroundings

We do not behave in ways that interfere with co-workers’ performance or that creates an offensive, hostile, or intimidating work place. Office facilities and services are accessible to co-workers with disabilities.

We recognize and value our differences as well as our similarities by:

  • promoting a climate that is free of discriminating language and actions
  • encouraging open and honest communication
  • improving self-awareness and using this knowledge to understand differences
  • celebrating differences

We do not verbally attack or belittle our co-workers because they may appear, think or act differently. Conflict is dealt with in a way that shows consideration for other people’s opinions.

We empower ourselves and others by:

  • creating a climate where we are encouraged to develop our talents and ideas
  • giving individuals the responsibility, freedom and resources to do their jobs
  • providing opportunities for people to assume a variety of decision-making roles
  • taking pride in our work

We take the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. This may be through contributing in staff meetings, serving on committees, raising questions, or making suggestions. 

We encourage teamwork by:

  • creating opportunities for individuals and units to work together to serve our customers
  • sharing and exchanging information and ideas
  • understanding how we collectively help the School of Medicine reach its mission

Each department, program, center, institute and initiative is an important part of the “big picture” of Washington University School of Medicine. We promote cooperation among co-workers within the university as a whole to help insure that the needs of those with whom we work and interact are being identified and met.