Washington University is committed to ensuring a strong, positive working environment for all employees. As such, we consider accurately paying employees for the time that they work to be a fundamental responsibility. Part of the University commitment to treat people fairly and to uphold basic laws requires us to provide systems and processes which are easy to use and make it possible for bi-weekly employees to accurately record the time they worked.

Transition to Web Clock

To help us improve and simplify our time-tracking process, we are implementing a more consistent, automated and user-friendly approach currently available in HRMS called “Web Clock.”

Tips and Resources for Employees and Managers:

The Value of Time Tracking and Tips for Using HRMS Web Clock

Employees who are covered by laws related to fair and accurate pay are called “non-exempt” employees and must record all hours worked in a timely fashion, including any time over 40 hours in a work week (also known as overtime).

To ensure accurate payment, you must:

  • Correctly record your time worked each day. This includes accurately reflecting your time in and out at the beginning and end of your day and when you go and come back from lunch.
  • You should be given at least a 30-minute unpaid lunch period each day during which you perform no work. If you are working during your lunch break, reflect that on your time record and talk to your supervisor.
  • If you must work over time (over 40 hours/week), talk to your supervisor first to seek approval. If you worked overtime prior to getting approval, report it on your time record and notify your supervisor right away. If you worked the time, you will be paid time and a half for it.
  • Notify your supervisor or HR at employeerelations@wustl.edu if you believe you are not being paid accurately.


Contact Nicole Wittlich (nwittlich@wustl.edu) or Reid Augustin (reidaugustin@wustl.edu).