Your Career, Identity and Purpose
Career development and management is an extension of who you are, what you learn, and what you do to connect your authentic identity to work with a purpose. We support a strengths-based approach to career development that takes into account your interests, skills, competencies, goals, experience, and life transitions that influence your personal and professional growth.

Your Career and Washington University
At Washington University we are dedicated to helping you meet professional goals and design pathways for continuous learning that align with the university’s strategic directions and overall mission of teaching, research, scholarship, patient care, and service.

Always Learning
As a busy adult, you are always learning, in many different ways and settings. Career development helps you plan and evaluate all forms of learning on a regular basis.

Partnerships and Connections
While you are in charge of your career planning, there also is shared responsibility between you, your manager, and the resources of Washington University, including partnerships with career development specialists, mentors, teachers, and professional associations.

Workforce of the Future
Career development yields new skills, opportunities, and challenges for a 21st-century workforce and a lifetime of employability, and it keeps you ahead of the curve.

Career development builds leadership capacity, within yourself and toward others.

Work that Matters
Your competitive value to the workplace is “defined not only by skills and knowledge, but by heart and character.” (LRN 2016 HOW Report) This makes career development transformative, seeding the potential for change, discovery, and innovation, and preparing you for work that matters—to you, Washington University, and the world we share.