Nominations are Now Open for 2020

Please view the criteria and fill out the form below to submit your nomination. Nominations are due April 7, 2020.

Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award (for Danforth staff)

Gloria W. White Distinguished Service AwardThe Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award was established to provide recognition to a Danforth Campus non-academic staff member for exceptional effort and contribution that result in the betterment of Washington University. The award recognizes our staff members and acknowledges their effort and contribution. The announcement of the employee who will receive the Award and the check for $1,000 will be made during this year’s Staff Day celebration.

Eligibility Criteria and Nomination Considerations

A nominee must be a non-academic staff member with a minimum of five (5) years of service to the University. When nominating a University staff member, please consider whether his/her contributions:

  • strengthen the organization’s ability to promote learning;
  • help to create a positive working and learning environment;
  • improve the community, both within and beyond Washington University; and
  • enhance Washington University’s reputation

“As leaders, it is important that we take time to recognize the contributions of our staff and colleagues. By doing so, we help create a stronger, more engaged workforce and enhance our collective success as a university.”

– Andrew D. Martin, Chancellor

Gloria W. White Award Nomination Form

Guidelines for Nominating a Staff Member

Please take time to recognize a staff member who goes above and beyond with their service to students, faculty, and others in the Washington University community by nominating them for the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award.

As a part of your nomination, please be specific and address how this particular staff member’s efforts demonstrate the eligibility criteria described above.

Additionally, please describe the benefit derived by the university as a result of the nominee’s contributions. It is important that you are descriptive to ensure the selection committee has a full picture of the value and dedication of the staff member you nominate.

Thank you for participating. Your efforts help us create a culture where employees feel valued, respected and appreciated.

To submit your nomination, please fill out the form below.

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