Supporting you and your loved ones. 
The health, safety and well-being of our community are more important than ever. Find resources to support your health, mental health, wellness, learning and financial well-being. Together, we can thrive through these challenges.


Health Care Benefits

Health care benefits include COVID-19 testing, tele-health and virtual visits as well as prescription delivery services.

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Mental Health Support

Find support to help you cope with stress and thrive, from counseling and psychiatric services to helpful tools and resources.

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Wellness Connection Programming

View resources to manage your health, including fitness, mindfulness and healthy eating options.

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Online Learning and Development

Find online learning courses, tools, resources and professional development opportunities.

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Financial Well-being

Financial education sessions, TIAA one-on-one consultations, tools and other resources are available to help you manage your financial well-being. 

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University COVID-19 Response

Read the latest information on the university’s response to COVID-19, including announcements, FAQ’s and resources.

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Work-Life Support

To help you balance your daily life and family care needs, find resources related to special time off, child care and 24/7 work-life support.

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Manager Hub

Read the latest information to help you lead your team through challenges, including time off policies, reassignment support and FAQ’s.

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FSA adjustments

Human Resources is please to announce that we have amended the WashU FSA to provide flexibility and help you take proactive steps for your health and financial well-being.  Under legislation that was passed and signed into law in late December 2020, employers are now allowed to provide flexibility to employees who need to make adjustments […]

tHRive tip: 5 tips on bringing your heart to work

Meaningful work is about forging human connections to create a deeper, richer work experience.  This concept is easy enough to agree with, but what is “meaningful work” really about? It’s about showing up in a way that lifts and supports the people around you. It’s being authentic and holding space for others to do the same. Simply put, it’s about allowing your heart to join you in your work.  […]