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COVID-19 Related Policy Changes

Human Resources has introduced and expanded policies in order to assist our employee workforce through the impact of the pandemic. View information below on the new Flexible Work Arrangement Policy, ADA Accommodation Process/COVID-19 Related Work Modification for Faculty and Staff and update to the Communicable Diseases policy related to pay.

Flexible Work Arrangement Policy – Available for Faculty and Staff

The Flexible Work Arrangement Policy ( allows for remote work, flex time, compressed work schedules, modified work weeks and part-time schedules depending on the specifics of the position and with management permission. The University believes that the utilization of flexible work arrangements offers advantages for both the University and our employees where these arrangements are operationally possible. Similarly, our employees have different personal and family circumstances and need options for balancing personal and work commitments. The University encourages, whenever possible, managers and employees to utilize flexible work options to reduce the density of the population on our campuses.

ADA Accommodation Process/COVID-19 Related Work Modification for Faculty and Staff

Human Resources has recently made alterations to the University’s ADA Accommodation process to allow for the reviewing of requests associated specifically with COVID-19. During to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty or staff whose age or health condition falls within one of the CDC High Risk Categories or who have other special circumstances may seek a workplace adjustment through the Request for COVID-19 Related Work Modification. Employees requesting a work modification due to COVID-19 must submit this form to Human Resources (Employee Relations) at

For more information or to see the entire ADA Accommodation Process, please see:

Replacement of COVID-19 Special Pay for Staff

The temporary COVID-19 Special pay has been discontinued and replaced with the more long term time off provisions as allowed under the University’s Communicable Diseases policy – the purpose of this change was to provide support for employees who may have multiple family members exposed to COVID and who may need greater than 10 days away from work (which was the total amount of Special Pay available). The Communicable Diseases policy ( covers the employee or appointee for periods of medically directed quarantine for COVID-19 related reasons. These reasons include quarantines due to exposures (work or non-work related), illness or suspected illness. Under this policy, the following circumstances will be paid as follows:

  • self-quarantine or medically directed quarantine of the employee or a family member for COVID-19 related reasons – use Regular Pay (Time-off approved by HR). This is inclusive of physicians ordering the quarantine of employees who are expectant mothers immediately prior to delivery for COVID-19 related reasons.
  • diagnosis of COVID-19 for the employee – use in the following order: Regular Pay (Time-off approved by HR) in conjunction with FMLA/STMD
  • a diagnosis of COVID-19 for a family member – use in the following order: Regular Pay (Time-off approved by HR) in conjunction with FMLA/Caregiver (where eligible or available – if not available use Regular Pay)
  • child care responsibilities for children who were sent home due to school closing – use vacation or establish a flexible schedule arrangement with your supervisor to fit your circumstances