Six vívohub™ 2 devices have been installed at locations across the university. These devices allow users to sync their data without a bluetooth device (e.g. a smartphone). The hub detects your GARMIN activity tracker and automatically loads your data, securely, to your GARMIN account.

Hub Locations

  1. West entrance of the Mallinckrodt Center – Danforth Campus
  2. South entrance of Olin Library – Danforth Campus *Please note that the Olin Library hub will be temporarily unavailable through October due to construction. We encourage you to utilize the Mallinckrodt Center hub during this time.
  3. North Campus Cafeteria
  4. West Campus Cafeteria (3rd floor)
  5. Across from elevators on 1st floor of Farrell Learning & Teaching Center – Med School Campus
  6. On the LINK next to the Sprint Store – Med School Campus

How it Works

You simply need to walk toward the monitor and the vivo hub receives data from your GARMIN vivoki activity tracker using ANT low power wireless technology. The device scans for the periodic beacons of nearby compatible activity trackers. When an activity tracker is detected, the hub establishes a connection and downloads activity files from the tracker and transfers the files to GARMIN Connected Services over a wireless network. The device then automatically disconnects from the activity tracker after the transfer is complete. The monitor screen will display the synchronization progress. Synchronization of data typically takes 2 to 5 seconds, but times vary based on the distance of the user from the device, the type of data to synchronize, and the amount of time that has passed since the user last synchronized with a hub. NOTE: For confidentiality purposes, a connected activity tracker appears on the screen using an automatically assigned code. If a user wants to identify the code associated with their activity tracker, the user should initiate a connection when no other activity trackers are in the area and observe the status screen.