Combating Cholesterol: Fight it With Food

Adding certain foods to your diet may actually help to lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk for heart disease. You know the rules. Eat less red meat, cheese and butter. Limit fried foods. Avoid trans fats. With so many things to cut out, what’s left to eat? While heart-healthy eating includes lots of “no’s,” […]

National Healthy Lunch Day

Most of us are uncertain about what’s best to eat, what’s healthful and what’s not. Often our food choices are full of calories, yet lack the vitamins and minerals that we need for energy and to feel our best. Our wellness goal is to promote good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, and help […]

Resources to Reduce Stress

Resources for to Reduce Stress Brown Bag Sessions  Washington University Wellness Connection is proud to partner with UHC On-Site Nurse Advocate Teresa Fisher and Masterpeace Studios Executive Director Meg Krejci for a lunchtime session on stress management. You’re invited to learn about resources available to benefits-eligible WU employees, how to identify and manage distress in […]

Wellness Road Show

Wellness Road Show

Benefits-eligible Washington University employees are invited to visit with the Washington University Wellness Connection team and learn about resources to support your personal well-being goals. On-site Nurse Advocate Teresa Fisher will be available to provide blood pressure screenings and discuss lifestyle behaviors & condition management. These site visits are typically scheduled from 11:00am-1:00pm so that employees […]

6 Tips for Dining Out


6 Tips for Dining Out By Jennifer DiBiasi, WebMD Health Coach So you’ve been eating well, paying attention to nutrition and portions and maybe even tracking intake on a fancy app. Then, after a long week, a much-needed get together lands you in a restaurant where you’re faced with a menu full of enticing options […]

Motivation Tips from WebMD Health Coaches

Motivation: The Key to Unlimited Potential Lighting the fire to actively create positive changes. By Matt Ferguson, WebMD Health Services Most people readily acknowledge that motivation is the desire to do something but is it really that simple? While motivation can start with a mere thought or verbalization, it must be followed up by visible […]

Join the challenge to move!


The Spring 2017 WashU Moves Challenge starts March 15th and all benefits-eligible employees are encouraged to join. The challenge is to accumulate 10,000 steps each day for 100 days through a variety of activities, including walking, running, rolling, biking, swimming, and many other fun ways to move. Participants can use an activity tracker or our […]

Have you met your on-campus Nurse Advocate?

UHC Nurse Advocate

Washington University employees looking to address chronic and emerging health concerns can meet with Teresa Fisher, a UnitedHealthcare registered nurse and our dedicated Nurse Advocate. Teresa has a broad range of experience in disease management and health coaching. She is located on campus and can travel to you or your department to discuss a variety of […]

Free Elder Care Seminars

Are you part of the “sandwich generation”? Are you concerned about how to care for an aging parent? Join Michael E. Chiodini, of Chiodini Financial Group and Debra Schuster and Carol Quick, attorneys with Debra K. Schuster and Associates, for a free seminar on caring for older family members – now and in the future. […]

Upcoming Webinars to Promote Emotional Wellbeing

Do you feel like your head needs a refresh? Register for free and confidential webinars focused on building positive stress management strategies. Facilitated by trained counselors from Guidance Resources and our employee assistance program, these webinars will address a number of different topics, including emotional eating, depression, mindfulness and resiliency. Listen from your computer or […]