Move Into Mindfulness – Beyond the Basics

September 2, 2021 to October 14, 2021
Every week
12:00 pm
Virtual Session

This program consists of 7 weeks of classes meeting once a week during the lunch hour to give you practical coping skills to manage stress.

Mindfulness-Beyond the Basics is the second half of the Mind Body Stress Reduction Series where learn to direct our mindfulness skills of holding our attention in the present moment toward our stressors. These stressors may include: life events, pleasent and unpleasant events, thoughts, emotions, reactivity triggers, communication style, relationships, others & community.

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness techniques: Breath Awareness, Body Scan, Sitting Meditation, Mindful Movements, Mindfulness of Physical Sensations, Thoughts and Emotions, Mindful Eating, Mindfulness Listening, and Communication
  • Exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
  • Daily home practice suggestions & formal and informal practices

*Prerequisite for taking this session is Move Into Mindfulness-The Basics

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