Healing Ourselves: Uncovering Implicit Bias through Mindfulness

April 1, 2021 to April 15, 2021
Every week
8:00 am
Virtual Session

This 3-part series is a collaboration between Mindfulness Consultant, Meg Krejci and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Erin Stampp, and is open to all students, staff, and faculty.  Participants will use mindfulness practices to uncover implicit biases within themselves to support their work toward positive change.  Our brain focuses on protecting us and can inhibit our ability to lean into the discomfort of acknowledging bias and staying in difficult discussions.  We are better prepared to be partners in the work for positive social change when we:

1) Practice ways to manage our “fight/flight/freeze” response and
2) Understand how our perceptions impact our ability to be change agents.

These practices can become tools for engaging in difficult conversation and anti-oppression work without shutting down or getting burned out.

Thursdays, April 1 – 15, 8-9 am – Join here!