April is National Financial Literacy Month

Because effective money management and retirement saving can be some of the most important aspects of your financial life, Washington University has teamed up with TIAA to offer financial education live webinars.

Live webinars make financial education easy
Once you register at, you’ll have access to financial education though live and on-demand webinars designed to help you save more, better manage your expenses and invest for your retirement.

Real-world financial insight…in real time
You’re invited to attend live webinars. These interactive sessions are designed to give you practical, useful information on personal finance and long-term investing that can help you manage your financial life.
Reserve your place at any of the upcoming webinars:

  • Register to access the live webinars at (if this is your first visit).
  • Webinars are located in the “Live Webinar Lounge.”
  • Click on the webinar(s) you want to attend to sign up.

There’s no better time than right now to take advantage of these valuable insights that can help you in key aspects of your financial life.