Adult Care

23 Questions to Ask Your Aging Parent

As your parents age, it is important to maintain an open dialogue about their needs and wishes. Use the following talking points to guide your discussion.


  1. How regularly are you seeing your doctor?
  2. What health problems are you experiencing?
  3. What medicines are you taking? Do you know how and when to take them?
  4. Do you understand why you are taking the medicine that has been prescribed to you? If not, would you consider reviewing them with your doctor or pharmacist?
  5. How current are your prescriptions?
  6. How is your eyesight? When did you last see your eye doctor?
  7. Are you experiencing any difficulty hearing?

Financial and Legal

  1. Do you have an accountant or financial advisor?
  2. Do you need financial planning assistance?
  3. Where do you keep your tax files and financial paperwork?
  4. Have you written a will or determined a living trust?
  5. Do you have a durable power of attorney?
  6. Are your beneficiaries up to date?
  7. What insurance do you have?
  8. Are you able to afford your medication, premiums, bills and procedures?
  9. What are your end-of-life wishes?


  1. If you were no longer able to care for yourself, where would you prefer to live?
  2. How do you feel about your current living situation?
  3. Is there anything that could be modified in your home to make it more comfortable for you?
  4. Are there any safety hazards in your home?
  5. Are you comfortable getting up and down the stairs?
  6. Do you need assistance with household chores?
  7. Are you comfortable driving? If not, what are some other transportation options?


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