Human Resources



The Danforth Campus' Compensation Program Objectives for administrative and non-academic staff employees include the following:

  1. To support the mission and goals of the University, while recognizing individual school and departmental business needs.
  2. To recruit, reward and retain highly qualified employees.
  3. To establish and maintain salary levels that are competitive with our labor markets in the St. Louis community and higher education industry.
  4. To provide for equitable and consistent salary administration.

Our mission is to administer and support equitable, consistent and competitive pay practices, allowing Washington University to attract, recruit and hire the best individuals available.

Our goal is to retain and motivate staff through a pay for performance practice, allowing Washington University to continue to be recognized as an exemplary employer of choice.

If you have questions about your Direct Deposit, W-4, or any other Payroll Issue, please contact the Payroll Department at (314) 935-9835.

If you have questions about Compensation, please contact the Compensation Department at (314) 935-5990.

For more information, please visit the Systems & Procedures page or the Payroll page.

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