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Career Development

Career Development for Work that Matters

Washington University supports your professional and personal growth throughout your entire career. While you own the direction of your career, we help you lead the effort by offering resources, tools, strategies, and many learning options for a rewarding and dynamic career. We also believe that your competitive value to the workplace is “defined not only by skills and knowledge, but by heart and character.” (LRN 2016 HOW Report) Career development builds potential for change, discovery, and innovation, and prepares you for work that matters—to you, Washington University, and the world we share.

Core Components

Self-Explorationdevelop greater self-understanding by taking stock of your interests, skills, competencies, values, goals, and life transitions that inform your career choices.
Career Explorationgenerate options, and make decisions about your career, including opportunities for improvement and advancement at Washington University.
Tools and Resourcescreate an Individual Development Plan and learn more about strategies for a successful job search, including resume, cover letter, informational interview, job interview, networking, social media, and much more.

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